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We work hard to bring you what we consider to be the finest wood needles available today. Crafted from DymondWood®, a dyed, laminated birch product produced in Vermont, each needle taper is shaped by hand, each needle is buffed by hand, and in the case of our interchangeables, checked for proper connection prior to shipping. For more on the process, visit our About Us page.

Sets are made to order, one at a time. When you order a set of Darn Pretty™ Wood Interchangeable Needles, you are ordering a beautifully crafted heirloom made just for you. This hand work and our attention to detail is reflected in the popularity of our needles.

Tom and Linda Diak

Darn Pretty™ Needles

Thank You to those who so generously post photos on Ravelry for all to see. We have used portions of a number of these here. A Special Thank you to:

Ignorant Bliss
















Darn Pretty™ Wood Interchangeable Needles are sold either in pairs or available in two set sizes: US 4-9 ($155) and US 4-10.5 ($195)

The tips come in two lengths, 3.5 inches or 5 inches, and with a regular or lace point.

Each set includes four cables, four stops, and a signed and numbered needle roll.

3.5 inch set cables: (2) 8 inch, (1) 12 inch, (1) 16 inch

5 inch set cables: (2) 17 inch, (1) 21 inch, (1) 29 inch


Crafted in Vermont from Vermont wood products.

Hand made tips that perform beautifully.

Stainless steel connectors (made in Vermont too!)

No tools or keys - easy on and off.

Swiveling cables that prevent kinking and loosening and firm enough to support your work, supple enough for Magic Loop.


The Wood Tones The Multi Tones The Solid Tones

About our Tips Our tips are made by hand. Expect variation from set to set, even needle to needle. It is that hand work, however, that places our tips far ahead of the pack. There is no ridge between shaft and taper. As a result, our needles perform as though they are pointier than they are. For those who want a longer taper, we offer a lace point. If you are unsure, we suggest you order regular tips. We can always make them pointier, but we cannot put back wood we've taken away.

Can’t decide on just one color? We offer the following mixed sets:

Tom’s Choice - every size a different color, Tom gets to pick!

Four Wood - Chestnut, Hazelnut, Tortoise, VT Rosewood

Two Wood  - Hazelnut and VT Rosewood

Winter Sky™ Mix - Winter Sky, Purple, Turquoise, Charcoal

Autumn™ Mix - Autumn, Purple, Emerald, VT Rosewood

Dakota Mix - Dakota, Chestnut, Turquoise, Hazelnut

Madras Mix - Madras, Chestnut, Red, Turquoise

Bubblegum Mix - Bubblegum, Pink, Purple

Multi Mix - for those who have to have it - Sunrise, Winter Sky, Autumn

Please Read!

Due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for our products, the current wait time on our wood needles is running from at least 6 months for most new orders on single color sets to over a year on custom mixed sets. We are working diligently to reduce that time and have made great strides, but it is what it is. Making our needles involves a great deal of hand work. It’s those hands working that make our needles superior to assembly-line products. To help reduce time, we are defining the mix sets going forward.

How you order is up to you - pay up front, pay when the needles are ready, or pay any time in between ordering and shipping. We have found that some folks would rather know the monies are allotted for their needles. Others prefer to use the wait time to save up for their sets, and still others make monthly payments. Whatever works for you, works for us. If you use the PayPal shopping cart, the monies will be taken via PayPal at the time of order. If you use the form on our Contact page, we’ll send you a sales order that is due when we notify you that your needles are ready to be finished. The order can be paid at any time prior to shipping the needles.

Darn Pretty Interchangeable Set

Darn Pretty™ Interchangeable Set

Cables  $7

Custom Cables $8

For custom lengths, determine the total length of needle you desire, tip to tip, and deduct 8 inches for the 3.5 inch tips and 11 inches for the 5 inch tips.

  8 inch cable makes a 16 inch cable with 3.5 inch tips (won’t work with 5 inch tips.)

12 inch cable makes a 20 inch needle with 3.5 inch tips or 23 inch needle with 5 inch tips.

16 inch cable makes a 24 inch needle with 3.5 inch tips or 27 inch needle with 5 inch tips.

17 inch cable makes a 25 inch needle with 3.5 inch tips or 28 inch needle with 5 inch tips.

21 inch cable makes a 29 inch needle with 3.5 inch tips or 32 inch needle with 5 inch tips.

29 inch cable makes a 37 inch needle with 3.5 inch tips or 40 inch needle with 5 inch tips.

Four extra stops in your choice of color. Stops are a great way to hold work on a cable while using the tips on another project.

Set of Stops


Photo © A J Mac


Pairs of Tips Cables and Stops Single Color Sets Mixed Color Sets

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Interchangeable Sets

Extra Tips

Cables and Stops


Double Points


Needle Rolls



Fixed Swivel Circulars



SIZES US 0-3 SIZES US 4-9 Individual Sizes - Sold in Packs of 5 Needles NOTE - Chestnut is not available in the striped pattern. If you want a color not listed here, just ask. Double Points

Ginger’s dpns (and lovely knitting)  shown in Bubblegum


Straights are available in three lengths in sizes US 4-9. Points can be regular or lace (lace points have a longer taper.)

10 inch needles: $28.99

12 inch needles: $32.99

7.5 inch minis:    $24.99

Sets are available in US 4-9:

10 inch needles: $156

12 inch needles: $180

7.5 inch minis:    $120

Straights Set

More of Ginger’s knitting and her Sunrise Straights Needle Rolls

Needle rolls are supplied with our interchangeable sets. Needle rolls are available for double point sets that will hold US 0-3 or US 4-9. We also offer needle rolls for our straight needles that will hold US 2-9.

DPN rolls are $15. Straights rolls are $25. Please contact the shop directly to order, as colors and availability will vary.

All of our rolls are made right here in our Vermont studio from locally sourced fabrics.

Fixed circulars with the swiveling cable are presently available in US 4-10.5. Our fixed circulars have the same connector, the same incredible join as our interchangeable needles.

From Top:




VT Rosewood

Darn Pretty™ Interchangeable tips are available  in US 4-10.5, in 5 inch or 3.5 inch length, and with a regular or lace point. All cables work with all tips, save the 8 inch cables. These require 3.5 inch tips.

Gift Certificates are available. Give us a call or

send us an email.


Gift Certificates are available. Give us a call or

send us an email.

5 inch Striped DPNS 17.99

6 inch Striped DPNS 18.99

5 inch Swirl DPNS 24.99

6 inch Swirl DPNS  25.99

US 4-9 DPNS Add $1

Darn Pretty™ Interchangeable Tips

Cable Connectors (set of 2)