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Darn Pretty™ knitting needles are crafted in Vermont from DymondWood®, a Vermont wood product. Each needle is tipped, buffed and polished by hand. The tapers on our needles are a beautiful convex curve from tip to shaft, allowing the stitches to flow from needle to needle. The result is a knitting needle that is a delight to the eye and a joy to use.

Employing the same tip design as our wood needles, Heavy Metal™ interchangeable knitting needles are crafted here in New England from solid stainless steel. Offered in two tip lengths, these interchangeable needles are sized from US 0/2.00 mm to US 3.25 mm - perfect sizes for socks, mittens, lace work or any fine gauge knitting. We even have those hard to find half sizes - US 1.5 and US 2.5!

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